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Press Conference on Raids Against An Illicit Streaming Device Syndicate – UB-Box

(Taiwan) A press conference was held by the Criminal Investigation Bureau to present detail of the raids against illegal streaming device “UB-Box” syndicate. Enforcement authorities conducted three joint operations from August to November 2021, searched 26 locations and uncovered three illegal recording rooms at New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Changhua, seized over 400 illicit streaming devices (UB-Box), 11 persons were arrested for further investigation.

The mastermind established a company to distribute illegal set-top box, illegally recording and transmitting the content from legitimate tv channels for users to stream and view with the APP and set-top box. It is estimated that the syndicate has caused damages to 74 TV channels including our supporters for over NT$1 Billion. IFACT-GC will continue to support the authorities in the investigation and criminal proceedings against content thieves.

For more details, please visit CODA


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