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Press Conference on Raid Against An Illicit Streaming Device Syndicate - TVPay

(Taiwan) The IPR enforcement officers conducted operation to raid an illicit streaming device syndicate “TVPay” which has been operated for two years on 7 April 2021, arresting seven persons including the company owner, the software and web engineers in a commercial building in New Taipei City for further investigation.

A press conference was held on 29 April 2021 by the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) to present details of the foresaid raid. Officials seized 15 computers, 22 servers, 468 illicit streaming devices (ISD) which were used to support the piracy activities and 84,683 infringing tv series/movie files. As cover up, the company was selling legal ISDs (cost NT$ 2,500) and official APP (cost NT$ 800 – 900 a year) to customers, which redirect users to illegal websites for streaming. The company used famous YouTubers to deliver movie reviews and low subscription fees to attract customers to use their service.

It is estimated that the syndicate has caused damages of NT$ 480 million to the content holders including our supporters. IFACT-GC will continue to support the authorities in the investigation and criminal proceedings against content thieves.

(Picture from TVBS)


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