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Guangdong/Hong Kong Youth IPR Awareness Workshop

(Hong Kong) IFACT-GC supported an IPR awareness workshop co-organized by Hong Kong Customs and Intellectual Property Department (IPD). The event promoted respect for Intellectual property rights, cultivating positive values among youngsters and an exchange of views on IPR protection in relation to the current legislative environment. The event was attended by a delegation led by the Guangdong Copyright Bureau, including officials of Huizhou Copyright Bureau, Huizhou Education Bureau, secondary school students and teachers from Huizhou City.

During the event, “The Taste of Originality” and “Copyright Infringement is A Disease”, a collaborative effort between IFACT-GC and Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU) was screened together with winning videos of IFOCAT’s “2018 Hong Kong Heart Short Video Competition”. IFACT-GC and International Federation of Creativity and Technology (IFOCAT) were invited to share their insights on challenges faced by the motion picture and music industry in the digital era and emphasized the importance of IPR protection.


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