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Hong Kong Customs Strengthens IPR Protection Cooperation with Associations in Japan and South Korea

(Hong Kong) On the World IP Day, the Assistant Commissioner of Hong Kong Customs (Intelligence and Investigation), Mr. Mark WOO, the Representative Director of Content Overseas Distribution Association in Japan, Mr. Takero GOTO, Executive Director of Copyright Overseas Promotion Association in South Korea, Mr. Itae CHOI, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by videoconferencing to pledge further cooperation in protecting and promoting of IPRs.

During the ceremony, Mr. WOO said “In addition to law enforcement, Hong Kong Customs has attached great importance to maintaining close cooperation with copyright and trademark owners in promoting respect for IPRs, especially among the younger generation. The MoU is a significant milestone for ongoing collaboration between Hong Kong Customs and the IPR sector.”

IFACT-GC participated in the liaison work and attended the event.

For more details, please visit CODA

(Photos from Hong Kong Customs)


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