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Press Conference on Raid Against An Illicit Streaming Device Syndicate “Global TV”, Arrest Seven

(Taiwan) A press conference was held by the Telecommunication Police from Criminal Investigation Bureau to present detail of the raids against an illicit streaming device “Global TV” syndicate.

Acting on the information provided by Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), the IPR enforcement officers conducted investigation on “Global TV” in July 2022. On mid-July, the IPR enforcement officers conducted joint operation and searched a recording room in Taoyuan. As a result of the raid, officials seized an illegal recording room, 10 encoders, two servers, two computers and other telecommunication equipment which were used to support the piracy activities and arresting one person.

After further investigation, IPR enforcement officers conducted another joint operation on 9 November 2022, searched the distributors and retailers at six locations in Taipei and Taoyuan. As a result of the raid, officials seized 312 ISDs and arresting 6 persons.

The syndicate has operated for one year and sold over 5,000 ISDs at the market price of NT$ 2,800-3,500 (cost of ISD was below NT$ 500) and received illegal income more than NT$ 2 million; causing damages of NT$ 16.4 billion (US$ 540 million) to the motion picture industry including CODA’s member companies. IFACT-GC will continue to support the authorities in the investigation and criminal proceedings against content thieves.


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